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About us

We are certified:

IT Zertifikat ISO 9001 IT Zertifikat ISO 14001


Elfeplastic GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of PROTEC The Cap Company GmbH & Co.KG ( www.protec.de ) since 27 March 2020.

Elfeplastic have established ourselves as a manufacturer and  developer  on the market for silicone, EPDM and rubber parts. 

We are certifed  ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001:2015.   

Download our certificates:

Expiration date: 16-Feb. 2024

ISO 9001:2015

Elfeplastic GmbH – ISO 9001 – de

ISO 14001:2015

Elfeplastic GmbH – ISO 14001 – de

You want cost savings and not compromise on quality, service and delivery, then please contact us.

 We can design and process high quality, low cost tooling. Solid experience spans the manufacture of Long life tool. The type of mould include Compression Moulding, Injection molding, LSR and transfer molding of producing high quality pieces parts in plastic, polmer, rubber components. At the hub of our sucess is the consistent delivery of shorter manufaturing lead times and significant tool cost savings lots of money.

We depend on custom´s draft or samples draw. Product samples by photo mold forcustomer´s approval CAD / CAM engineering support CNC milling prototypes ot fast molding samples using versatile tooling materials.

Produce small to lare quantity of reapid prototyping for preminary marketing launch purpose.

Plastic Parts: PE, PP, PVC, PS, PC, ABS, Nylon, POM

Rubber Parts: Silicone,  Viton FKM, Fursilicone, Neporene, EPDM, Nictrile, SBR, Butyl IR, PE CSM, Etyhylene Acrylic AEM, Urethane, Polyacylate,  Buyth, Santaprene, Ntur Rubber, HNRR

The best source for polymer products

ElfePlastic use a prorietary Engineering Data Worksheet to document our quality from product to product, and lot to lot. It helps us meet MilSpec, FDA, UL, KTW, ASTM specification and so on all products are having tolerance as per DIN or RMA leves.

We believe Elfeplastic is the superior custom supplier and the best way to earn your business is to work harder than any one else.

We can produce

Tubing                                                                     Gaskets

Bumpers                                                                  Cord

U-cups                                                                     O-rings

Gromments                                                            Caps

Mounts                                                                    Square

Washers                                                                  Stoppers

Spacers                                                                   Bushings

Seals                                                                         Ball

U-channel                                                               Rectangle

P-shape                                                                    S-shape

Pads Bellows                                                          Connectors

Bladders                                                                  Oil & dust seals

Plugs & Boots                                                         Diahragms

Bearing pads                                                          Rubber bonded to metal

Grips                                                                        Conductive rubber

Vibration isolatons                                               Molded hose sections

Other complex shapes

Please do not hesiate to contact us immediately.


Environmental Policy

Environmental protection is anchored in the minds of Elfeplastic GmbH and is reflected in our environmental policy as follows again:

Environmental protection and employee

We promote and develop awareness for the preservation of our environment for all employees. Our employees are always held by information up to date. If necessary, we carry out appropriate instructions.

Environmental protection and law
We undertake to comply with all environmental laws. Furthermore, we will take all necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact continuously.

Environmental protection and income
Through the careful handling of materials, energy, water and waste, we obtain not only the environment but also reduce our costs.

Environmental protection and technology
Through the use of latest technologies, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact, this applies to the same extent for our products and services. avoid waste and pollution hazards, starting with the procurement, planning our production processes and services, to distribution and advising our customers is the goal of all employees.

Environmental protection and communication
Environmental protection is enhanced through dialogue. This dialogue we have with all employees in the company to promote environmental awareness and to avoid negative environmental occurrence or its impact. Outside the company, we communicate with customers and suppliers, our environmental principles and so gain additional ideas for continuous improvement.