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Cone Caps CC

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Cone Caps-CC

Kegelkappen  / Cone Caps –  CC-Serie

  • (ECC) EPDM CONE Cap product line is an economical alternative to the (SCC) Silicone CON Cap line.
  • Suitable for low temp powder coating, plating and anodizing.
  • Made of a rugged blend of our high temperature EPDM, these caps have excellent sealing characteristics, chemical resistance and reusability.

Typical Applications:

Used as a cap over threaded studs, dowels, and protrusions. Used as a plug for tapped holes, irregular contours and threaded holes.

Helpful Hints:

  • Versatile enough to be used as caps, stoppers, plug in any variety of applications.
  • When sizing parts as a cap, the ID of the cap should be 2 – 5% smaller than the stud diameter.
  • To ensure easy removal, select a cap length that is at least 1/4” longer than the masking length of the stud. This is especially important if the cap ID is less than 5% of the stud diameter.

Product Description:

Our EDPM Cone Caps product line is an alternative to our Washer Cap (WC) product line when masking off holes or studs and a surrounding surface for grounding. Their versatile nature allow them to fit over extrusions, threaded studs, PEMS and dowels, as well as be used as a plug for tapped holes, irregular contours and threaded holes.




All Dimension in mm

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Part No. A (mm) B (mm) H (mm) ID (mm) PCS/BAG
CC-0250-0130 12,7 6,35 23,01 3,3 500
CC-0316-0216 12,7 8,03 25,4 5,49 500
CC-0335-0177 15,88 8,51 25,4 4,5 500
CC-0394-0197 16,51 10,01 27,99 5 500
CC-0400-0230 16,13 10,16 27,94 5,84 250
CC-0551-0315 19,05 14 35,99 8 250
CC-0689-0453 24,89 17,5 38,1 11,51 250
CC-0767-0532 27,94 19,48 51,03 13,51 100
CC-0819-0583 25,4 20,8 49 14,81 100
CC-0866-0630 30,99 22 53,01 16 100

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