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Regantular Foam Cord

We are certified:

IT Zertifikat ISO 9001 IT Zertifikat ISO 14001

Silicone Rectangular Cord

Silicone Rectangular Cord

  • Fits Over Threaded Studs, Dowels, Pins and Tubing
  • Conforms to Irregular Geometries
  • Cut to Size
  • Hardness.  25°-40° Shore A


Product Description:

Our Silicone Tubing (ST) product line is ideal for masking off irregular geometries, long protrusions or as a substitute for short runs. The versatile nature of the tubing allows it to fit over extrusions, threaded studs, PEMS and dowels, as well as be used as a plug for tapped holes, irregular contours and threaded holes. Our high temperature silicone is specially formulated to ensure reusability and economy during masking.

Typical Applications:

Used as a sleeve over threaded studs, dowels, and protrusions. Used as a flexible mask for round channels and cut outs.


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Part No. AxB (mm) Length (Meter)
FS-10x10 10x10 25
FS-12x12 12x12 25
FS-20x20 20x20 25

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