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Mouse Tails MT

We are certified:

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Mouse Tails -MT

Mäuseschwanze /  Mouse Tail


Typical Applications:

  • Mousetail plugs are typically used as a plug for extremely small holes, especially in electronic components.

Product Description:

Elfeplastic Silicone Mousetail (SMT) line is the ideal solution when masking small openings, threaded holes, and small irregularly contoured features. Their thin profiles make them extremely stretchy, allowing them to contract and fit into different size holes. The high temperature Silicone is specially formulated to ensure reusability and reliability during masking.
The EMT Mousetail plugs conform to the same sizes except they are made of EPDM rubber.


D = Diameter in Middle    d=Diameter in Top    L= Total Length



All Dimension in mm

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Part No. D d L weight gr. Shore A PCS/BAG
MT-0079 2,0066 0,5588 33,782 0,06 75 1000
MT-0080 2,032 0,5842 52,832 0,09 75 1000
MT-0083 2,1082 0,7874 49,022 0,1 75 1000
MT-0100 2,54 0,7874 52,832 0,15 75 1000
MT-0125 3,175 0,58 50,8 0,19 75 1000

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